Havana 500!

The city of Havana was established in its current location 500 years ago. Between the 1514 and the 1519, the first village had three different locations, the first two ones we’re located in the south coast, and once the Spaniards found the bay of Havana, that was the final decision.

The first years of the village were very hectic and full with fighting Pirates, Corsairs and empires who wanted the wealth of the new world. French Pirates, the French, the English, all of them attacked the magnificent village of San Cristobal de La Habana. Year after year, Havana started growing and getting more and more important. It was fortified to avoid the attacks, it was protected by a massive wall to ensure the safety of its people, it’s rich people, and it became the most important city in the new America.

The first Cubans vs Spaniards war past, the second war past, Havana stayed out of it most of the time. Finally the third war brought the fight into the Occidental region of the country, Havana was finally part of that war. The Spaniards were cast out of our territory, but in return, we gained a new ruler, the USA, they came offering help for the war and left leaving behind a new playground for their businesses and deals with our government, Cuban government, but only a poppet head of the USA whims.

The rest of its history, you will have to find out by yourself, come and learn it the best possible way, right here, with us, among Cubans.

Capitol building, Old Havana.