Day Trip Tours (2020)

Viñales day trip. 10 hours. 100cuc per person

Nestled in the Sierra de los Órganos mountain range, Viñales Valley is surrounded by limestone mogotes rising up to 300 meters (1,000 feet) high. This place is a cultural treasure, having remained largely unchanged over the past 100 years. Traditional agriculture methods are still used to harvest crops, especially tobacco, and small farms and villages house a diverse population.

After enjoying all the Viñales Valley has to offer, you will be taken to a tobacco farm tour and lesson in the traditional rolling of leaves to make Cuban cigars. You can also visit a local market and try Cuban rum. You may enjoy, if it is of your taste, horse riding trail around some of these farms and see how they live and work hard to make their living. A three-course lunch with beverages is provided so the visitors enjoy a typical Cuban meal, pork, chicken, white rice or rice and beans and the always welcomed 100% natural vegetables salad, all organic and home made. Followed by a visit to the Cueva del Indio, a small but beautiful cave with an underground river. A boat ride through the cave and a visit to the Prehistory Mural concludes the tour.

Varadero day trip. Approx 10 hours. 100cuc per person

Varadero is one the most well-known destinations in Cuba for those who love the sun and the beach. If it is in your plans to visit the town, but don’t want to spend too much time there, this could be the choice you are looking for.

Starting from your house in Havana, the taxi will pick us up and take us in a ride heading the east of the city, where we will go through the Russian quartier of Havana. All along the North coast of Havana, Mayabeque and Matanzas provinces, we will enjoy the view of a magnificent sea-land combination of landscapes. About 20 minutes before we reach the city of Matanzas, we will have a scenic view from one of the seven wonders of the Cuban civil engineering, the bridge of Bacunayagua. Later we will be able to step into the small, but still beautiful city of Matanzas, once in the city we will be able to walk into the three centuries old Town and visit beautiful and interesting places and learn more of its ambience. From the independence square in the heart of the city, we will head to another breathtaking view from the top of the city. Lunch break will fallow in the day and then we continue our trip to Varadero. Once there, we will have two or three hours to enjoy the beach. You will be able to dive in or just enjoy a good book and take a sunbath. After our beach time is up, we head back to Havana facing a beautiful sunset to close the day.