Day Tours (2020)

Enjoy historic Havana and be amazed with a memorable tour, as you take in the culture of new and old Havana. Learn about the history of the city and the way of the Cuban lifestyle. Enjoy all that Havana has to offer.

Visitors often comment that they are so overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds that Havana has to offer that they can miss out on the small things that make the city great. These tours allow you to take a local’s view into the city and let them show you why it’s a place where they love to live. When travelers decide to see the city through the eyes of a local, they are happy to see that they were able to do way more in a shorter time. This is thanks to the knowledge of the guide to move around and get from A to B without having to worry about getting lost or using their maps.

City tour in a Vintage car. Approx 3 hours •  Cost 15cuc/hour

Vintage cars from the 1950s, Central Park, Old Havana.

Interested in driving around the areas of Havana that are not in a walkable distance? Fusterland, Revolution Square, Forest of Havana, Museum House of Hemingway, Fortresses El Morro and San Carlos De La Cabaña. If you want to have a trip driving around the city in one of the 1950s American cars, this is the tour for you. Enjoy a fun time cruising the streets, admiring the Havana suburbs, and other classic American cars parked there. View some must-see sights along the way. Finish your tour in style by strolling through the garden terrace of the iconic Hotel Nacional and enjoy a cocktail, or just a destination of your own choice, be creative and take risks!

The fee for the taxis is apart from the price of this tour.

Half day tour. Approx 3 hours •  Cost 15cuc per person, 15% off per person for groups. 25% off this Dec!!!

Central Park view from the street level, Old Havana.

You might be more interested in having an intimate tour, more personal, and for sure a more interesting way to get in touch with authentic Havana. Spend a few hours walking with a knowledgeable guide through Old Havana, the more significant parts of the old city, admiring buildings back from the 1600-1900s. Join us to find out a bit of history from places such as the Central park, Capitol Building, the main squares in the old town and if it is of your interest, why not some museum, Revolution Museum as an special recommendation. Lunch in Old Havana and a drink in a local privately owned restaurant or Cafe is the perfect way to end this tour. Any local transportation that might be used would be included in the tour.

Whole day tour. Approx 6 hours •  Cost 25cuc per person, 15% off per person for groups. 25% this Dec!!!

Malecón ride in a vintage car, 1955 Chevy, 4 doors, hardtop, Bel Air.

If it is your case that you only have one day to do everything, this your perfect deal. Or maybe due to time saving issues you are forced to do it, then a whole day tour is what you need.

Starting from the Central Park, the Capitol building, walk into the old city of Havana and enjoy the sight of museums, historic paths and the most attractive points in the hood while using the knowledge of the local guide to help you understand many things that happen around and you might miss. Sitting in a local restaurant to enjoy a lunch break and maybe a cafe or a drink, and get ready to jump into a vintage car to travel for about three hours to visit places in the city that can’t be reached by walking. This would be the perfect way to see the Revolution Square, Fusterland and the Glorious view from the Cristo de La Habana.

The fee for the taxi drivers is apart from the price of this tour.